My photography resides in a sense of place; of emotion; and the rich qualities of light, color and form. From exploring the lines of the figure, to subtle shifts of light across a blank wall, I am affected by the remoteness and fragile trembling of occurrences overlooked through regularity. I see feelings in things, and want to bring the viewer into the experience and emotion that I encounter in these scenes in real life. Born in Atlanta in 1991, I have lived in the Charlotte area for ten years and graduated with my BFA in Photography from Winthrop University. My work has been exhibited, awarded and sold in numerous exhibitions, including ArtFields 2016 in Lake City, S.C., the student response show to Annie Leibovitz's exhibition Pilgrimage at the Columbia Museum, S.C. in 2013, the annual Juried Competition in Dalton Gallery, Rock Hill, S.C., and Click 646 at The Arts Center of Greenwood in 2012, juried by National Geographic photographer Robb Kendrick.